The Kath Chandler Memorial Trophy is a knockout competition. Nominations shall be invited from all clubs with Senior Men's teams.

The Kath Chandler Memorial Trophy is played within the normal soccer season and is not split into divisions.


  • Each club shall be entitled to nominate any number of teams.
  • The Nomination Fee per team shall be decided by the SCM.
  • Only registered players may participate in the competition.
  • Each club may nominate a maximum of Twenty (20) players per team.
  • Where a club nominates more than one team no player can be nominated to play in more than one team.
  • All participating players' names must appear on the match card of the team's first match.
  • Where a player is under suspension at the time of the first match, that player/name must appear on that match card with a notation that the player is under suspension.
  • Each match shall comprise two halves of 30 minutes with 5 minutes for half time. If teams are drawn at the completion of each game, extra time of
  • 10 minutes each way will be played. If still no result after extra time, then the game will be decided on penalty kicks.
  • Rounds shall be drawn by drawing names from a barrel by the SCM.
  • In the case of a team forfeiting, By-Law 19 applies.
  • In relation to player changes, interchange applies.


Champions: Mansfield & St Pauls (Joint Champions)


Champions: Mansfield
Runners Up: Serbia


Champions: Hawks A
Runners Up: St Pauls


Champions: Blackstone
Runners Up: Mansfield


Champions: Blackstone


Champions: West End
Runners Up: Hawks


Champions: Mt Gravatt


Champions: Mt Gravatt


Champions: Mt Gravatt
Runners Up: Hawks


Champions: Westminster
Runners Up: Hawks


Champions: Hawks
Runners Up: Tigers


Champions: Raceview
Runners Up: Blackstone