20th August

The Carnival day was first held in 2012 after expanding the tried and tested format of the previously held North Zone Carnival day held at North Pine, and expanded to the other zones to encompass every QCSA Club and their under 6, 7 and Under 8 teams. Such was the success of the inaugural carnival, the QCSA SCM has now made it the last FIXTURE ROUND of the season for these age groups (Round 15). It is a day that thanks all of the players and their parents for being a part of the QCSA and is further encouragement to our ethos of being a fun place to play sport in a Christian environment that is alcohol and drug free. 
Invitations are sent to all clubs at the beginning of the year to seek out venues across the three zones of our association and once selected, the three zones work with the QCSA Development officer to make these days happen. Some clubs seek sponsorship from local communities to enhance the day with rides, show bags and medallions whilst others use the day to increase there awareness in the local community with fund raising activities. 
The format of the day is usually three games per team over a shortened period of time that is completed in a three-four hour time period. Games are played in each zone at the one location for logistical purposes and it is an opportunity for our younger players to play with other teams in the competition that they may not have seen throughout the year from different parts of the zone. 
Watch this space for the 2022 draw:  (Please navigate to your zone via the tabs at the bottom of the document)